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Charming Creatures

October 22, 2012

To celebrate half term, we’re choosing a different theme from A Little, Aloud for Children each day this week and we’re kicking things off with Charming Creatures!

In this chapter of A Little, Aloud for Children, Rudyard Kipling tells the story of How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin, a tale of itchy cake crumbs, whilst Patrick Barrington discovers that it’s not easy to keep a hippopotamus in a shed in his poem I Had a Hippopotamus.

If you’ve got a copy of the book, or another favourite story or poem about an animal, why not give it a read? Or, better yet, find a charming creature to read it aloud with! We’ve already found a few perusing pets around The Reader Organisation’s offices…

Milo enjoys reading at his desk

Dink studies ‘catkido’ to perfect her skills

Hedwig gets up close with The Gruffalo

Harley likes to read his books in the great outdoors

Poppy snuggles up to read in bed

Who knew animals loved reading so much? Do you know a charming creature who enjoys a good story or poem? We’d love to see them! Send us your photos through Twitter, @thereaderorg, on our Facebook page, or by emailing them to Chantel:

Happy reading!

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