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Round About The Cauldron

October 26, 2012

It’s the last day of the school holidays which means it is also the last day of our special A Little, Aloud for Children week here on the blog.

But don’t despair! There’s still exciting things coming over the next few days, including the scare-fest that is Halloween. So to get into the spook spirit, we’ve chosen Round About The Cauldronas today’s A Little, Aloud for Children theme.

This chapter of the book features a very old fairytale, ‘Jorinda and Jorindel’ by the Brothers Grimm, the tale of an evil fairy, a beautiful maiden, and a shepherd lad who meet in a dark and gloomy forest… The accompanying poem is taken from Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ and is something that should be read aloud every Halloween –‘The Witches Chant’! Everybody knows those classic lines:

Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire, burn; and cauldron, bubble.

If you live in the Wirral area, then you can come along to one of our free Haunted Library events next week where you can enjoy terrifying readings of every kind at Beechwood or Seacombe Libraries – call 0151 650 5466 for more information.

Monday 29th October, Seacombe Library, 3.30-4.30pm
Tuesday 30th October, Beechwood Library, 3.30-5pm

A mysterious visitor, who may well turn up at these Haunted Libraries, was recently caught reading a copy of A Little, Aloud for Children – any guesses who it might be?

This guy has to be one of the scariest characters in literature – what do you think? Get in touch and share your favourite spooky stories in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter. We’re looking forward to sharing some terrifying tales….

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