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A Little Love on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2016

Love took my hand, and smiling did reply,
Who made the eyes but I?

A Little Aloud With Love tpbHappy Valentine’s Day! Whatever your plans are with that special someone, or if you’re hoping to get the attention of the object of your affection, there’s always time for a little spot of reading amongst the chocolates and flowers…

Delve into A Little, Aloud with Love and you’ll find all kinds of literary illustrations on romance, all handily sectioned by theme for wherever you might find yourself in the world of loving encounters.

  • Feeling the first flush of love? Try ‘Love so sudden and so sweet’ with one of literature’s most-famed couples
  • Need some courage in winning the heart of the one your admire? Take advice from Sir Walter Scott and Thomas Campbell on being ‘So daring in love’ 
  • Taking a risk by declaring your Valentine? Have a look at ‘I know not if I sink or swim’ 
  • Perhaps the day has left you feeling dejected and a little in despair – know that you’re not alone by reading ‘Why do I love?’ 
  • Already loved-up and looking to the future? Skip along to ‘Hand in hand we’ll go’

And that’s just a small selection – there are tons more choices inside to take your fancy.

Of course love isn’t only to be celebrated for one day alone, so if you haven’t got your copy of A Little, Aloud with Love then you can snap one up and keep the loving feeling going throughout the year.




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